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Bengals-Colts Preview

The Bengals and Colts wrap up the 2011 preseason tomorrow night at Paul Brown Stadium. For what to look for go to Bengals 101. For the Colts perspective, go to Colts 101. Yes, I’ve been schizophrenic this week. Advertisements

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A Message From the 2011 Ohio State Buckeyes

In one week, the off season will be history. It’s time for football.

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Cincinnati and Indianapolis: A Tale of Two Owners and How They Impacted their Cities

Both are rustbelt cities with NFL franchises and have similar histories. Read at Bengals 101 how Cincinnati and Indianapolis have taken very different paths and how Mike Brown and Jim Irsay have affected their two cities.

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Brave New World: What College Football Will Look Like in 2014

Texas A&M yesterday did what we expected them to: they officially notified the Big XII of their intention to investigate other conference membership. That’s a little bit like Tiger Woods announcing he’s “open to seeing other women.” A&M did the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to John Benton from Grantland Rice

Editor’s Note: If you’ve not heard of John Benton, you’re not alone. He’s a no-name “journalist” who apparently is trying to capitalize on some name dropping to achieve notoriety. Dear Mr. Benton: Since shuffling off this mortal coil, I’ve not … Continue reading

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Why Kenny Anderson Should Already Be in the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame veterans committee didn’t right one of the most egregious wrongs in all of pro sports hall of fame voting. It’s a crime that former Bengals QB Ken Anderson doesn’t have a bust in Canton. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Worst Team in Bengals History? Hardly.

Alright, those of you who recognize this face are returning from your PTSD therapy session. For those of you too young to remember David Shula or have apparently forgotten just how bad the Bengals were, read my analysis of four … Continue reading

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