The First Domino Falls: Rife Pleads Guilty

Columbus, Ohio tattoo parlor owner, Edward Rife, pleaded guilty yesterday in a US District Court in Columbus. Rife was the “unfortunate cog in the wheel,” according to his attorney, Stephen Palmer, that has resulted in the NCAA’s investigation of Ohio State football and the resignation of head coach, Jim Tressel.

Sources close to the investigation say that Rife’s guilty plea could be the first of several dominoes to topple in an ongoing FBI investigation. Rife will now cooperate with FBI investigators and his testimony could lead to more indictments.

This information would confirm speculation here that the Ohio State “coverup” is part of a much larger investigation far beyond the authority of the NCAA. While sports pundits focus on tattoos and cash, they seem to be missing the bigger story. Thus far, Sports Illustrated and other media outlets have been focused on throwing dirt on the grave of Jim Tressel (and largely missing, I might add).

As Rife’s testimony begins to expose the bigger “targets” we will also begin to see Jim Tressel and Ohio State in a different light. Readers wishing to find the truth behind the Ohio State scandal would be wise to follow the Rife story, however, rather than Terrelle Pryor.


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One Response to The First Domino Falls: Rife Pleads Guilty

  1. Dale Byrum says:

    Chuck, this is what I have maintained all along. To me, JT doesn’t need to be vindicated. But I hope he will be cleared in the court of public opinion. And he most likely will with the eventuality of this investigation. Good comments (as always).

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