Irreparable Harm?

Maybe Reggie Bush, sensing he’s about to be an “ex” New Orleans Saint, is trying to get on the good side with the rest of the NFL owners. That’s about all I can think of to explain his lack of judgment in the above Tweets. At a time when NFL players are engaged in a prolonged legal battle with owners, Bush needed to think twice before hitting “post”… three times!

See, this battle isn’t just about the legalities of this labor case. In a situation where billionaires are battling millionaires, both of whom receive their 9 BILLION DOLLARS IN ANNUAL REVENUE out of the pockets of regular working people, these kinds of thoughts said out loud don’t exactly endear John Q. Public to the players’ cause.

Not that Bush is representative of the majority of NFL players. Indeed, he’s more likely a part of that 10% described by Baltimore cornerback Fabian Washington here last week. If Bush is, in fact, “enjoying vacation time” and not working out, he’s only hurting his own cause when this standoff eventually ends. He very well may be a man without a team, and if not in prime condition, may cost himself some serious coin.

But tweeting these thoughts does major damage to the image of the NFL players, not just Bush. Maybe Jerry Jones will be appreciative of his efforts and give him a look later on.


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