NFLPA Solidarity Fading?

According to a report today from the New York Post a group of some 70 mid-level NFL players is considering hiring separate representation for the current stalemate between NFL players and owners. The report states that some players are not pleased with the current representation from the NFLPA, especially the somewhat hasty retreat from the bargaining table and move to decertify.

Could it be that some of the rank and file of the NFL don’t see Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as representing their interests? In any case, if the NFL players lose solidarity, the owners will seize on that opportunity. It would be in the best interests of NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith to reel in these potential defectors ASAP. The undercurrent has always been somewhat against Smith, who replaced the late Gene Upshaw. Upshaw was universally respected by both players and owners. Does Smith have the gravity or the clout to keep his charges united? Time will tell.


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2 Responses to NFLPA Solidarity Fading?

  1. Ray Smith says:

    Although i love most sports. Mostly those in Cincinnati where i no longer live. I remeber playing till my 30,s Baseball, Softball because i just loved to play. I know thats different from the pro players. I do believe they love the games to. But in this time of finacial instabilty in our country. I just could care less about Rich people ( Owners) and rich people (players) arguing with each other. I to have gotten older and my intrest have grown from sports. Like watching my daughter grow up, Seeing the men my 2 step sons have become. And now i have a 6 month old granddaughter, So sports dont have that same appeal to me.

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