Daily Rant

Look at that! Is there any doubt? I haven’t read the transcripts of the Barry Bond’s trial, but if the prosecutors couldn’t prove Bonds was lying about taking steroids, either they’re the most inept attorneys since Marcia Clark or this jury was full of Pauly Shore wannabes. People work out and bulk up, I get that. What exactly is the exercise regimen that increases your head a full hat size?

Hopefully, the powers that be will decide to reprosecute Barry on the perjury charges and the judges will keep at least some teeth in the obstruction conviction. In any event, Bud Selig needs to take a hard stand immediately. Bonds needs to be made persona non grata in baseball. If Pete Rose (btw, Happy 70th Pete) was deemed to be a “risk” to the integrity of the game, then Bonds shouldn’t even be able to watch a game on TV! And Hall of Fame voters, same thing. His name should never appear on a ballot unless it’s written in. Barry Bonds has done more damage to the credibility and integrity of baseball than any player in my lifetime. That includes Dock Ellis who infamously pitched a game on while on LSD! Bonds’ selfishly manipulating the record book is at least as bad as anything Eddie Cicotte or Swede Risberg ever did.

Let Bonds rot in anonymity. Keep him from doing any further damage to the game.


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