Daily Rant

Yipee. Oh, did I forget to turn on the sarcasm font? Tiger made a run at another Masters title yesterday with a blazing 5-under on the front nine. Then, to Jim Nantz’s chagrin (and my delight) he played a pedestrian even par on the back side to finish 4th. Normally, I don’t root against individual athletes, but with Tiger I’ll make an exception.

Tiger was once the most dominant individual sport athlete I’ve ever seen. What’s more, he seemed to be a good guy, well-spoken, and hard working. It’s pretty hard to admire any golfer for their “grit” as most have lead fairly pampered existences, but Tiger was that guy. Then we found out about his life off the course, and John Daly blushed and said, “Dude.”

I, for one, hope Tiger never makes it “back.” He may very well find redemption in his private life, and if he does, good for him. But his image as an athlete is permanently tainted. The way he has conducted himself as a person has been reprehensible, a black eye not just on him personally, but on the game. I’d much rather have Jack Nicklaus continue as the games standard-bearer in the record books than Tiger.

So sorry, Jim and all those rowdies in the gallery shouting “you da man!” after Tiger’s fist bump. I really don’t care how well he hits a golf ball any more. I’d prefer to watch Phil Mickelson or any number of others who play the game as deftly and don’t bring enough baggage that a team of caddies couldn’t haul.


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