Daily Rant

Well, Manny’s hanging up his syringe. How many more juicers do we have left to watch shrivel up into nothingness? Have you noticed how these guys’ careers have fared once they were outed as PED users? Canseco, McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, and now Ramirez. As soon as they stopped taking the “clear” or the “cream” or God knows what crap they were injecting into their bodies, their game shriveled up to match their testicles.

None of these guys should even be permitted on the grounds at Cooperstown. If Pete Rose is deemed to have damaged the game and is thereby ineligible for the Hall, then these guys shouldn’t be on the ballot either. Love or hate Pete, his actions, though selfish, never compromised the integrity of the game the way these guys have.

Instead, the Baseball Writers should establish an entire wing of the Hall to honor Ken Griffey, Jr., seemingly the only player of this era to have played honestly. Junior’s prolific accomplishments are even more awe-inspiring in comparison to the artificial numbers put up by his juiced up colleagues. Hopefully, baseball will soon be rid of this blight forever.


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I'm a professional writer who mainly specializes in sports. I have two NFL sites that are part of the Sports Media 101 network, Bengals 101 and Colts 101. If you've found my on WordPress, then you're either reading about families and relationships on So, We're Not the Huxtables, or you've found my daughter's "Princess Kate Stories." She's an imaginative little girl who just loves to tell stories. She sees her daddy writing every day and wanted her own blog where she can share her vivid imagination. We both hope our readers enjoy our work. We certainly do. Feel free to take the time to introduce yourself, leave a comment, or even subscribe to get regular updates. Thanks for reading.
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