Daily Rant

Nothing gets me more fired up as a sports fan than when leagues start to engage in labor talks. I’m sure I’m not alone. I mean what middle class American struggling to pay the mortgage, find health insurance, and send their kids to college wants to hear a bunch of owners and barely educated athletes bickering over how to divide up billions of dollars? In this case, we’ve got a perfect labor storm brewing with the NFL already in a lockout, the NBA contemplating one beginning this summer, and the MLB collective bargaining agreement expiring after this season.

Right now, the NFL players and owners are stymied over how to divvy up $9.3 BILLION (yes, that’s with a “B”). You gotta be kidding me. I did a little math to see how this would all play out if the owners and players simply split it down the middle. With roughly 1700 players under contract in the NFL, the average disbursement to each player would be $2.9 million dollars…a year…for 16 games plus 4 preseason contests. No, the clip-board carrying 3rd QB probably wouldn’t see that, but Peyton Manning would be all the richer. And that doesn’t even take into account endorsement deals, speaking fees, and other ancillary income players can make. But no, the players say that’s not enough. They need to have 60% of the pie. I say, “tough it out” you bunch of meatballs. If you can’t live on $2.9 a year, you’ve got some serious spending problems. Go see Dave Ramsey and shut up and play while your body still allows.

And the owners aren’t innocent. Their share would come to a measly $156 million per club, after the players got their cut. I think they can skimp by on that, considering most of them don’t even count on their NFL ownership for an income. I don’t see Arthur Blank pawning off Home Depot or Paul Allen selling off his shares of Microsoft if they “only” had this money to spend. Heck, Mike Brown might even spring for some extra hand towels in the employee restrooms!

I have one message for these prima donnas: Shut up, sign a deal, and get back to “work.” You’re not a slave, Adrian Peterson. You’re a football player. If you don’t want to tote the rock, there are plenty of others who do and you can go put that Oklahoma education to work.


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I'm a professional writer who mainly specializes in sports. I have two NFL sites that are part of the Sports Media 101 network, Bengals 101 and Colts 101. If you've found my on WordPress, then you're either reading about families and relationships on So, We're Not the Huxtables, or you've found my daughter's "Princess Kate Stories." She's an imaginative little girl who just loves to tell stories. She sees her daddy writing every day and wanted her own blog where she can share her vivid imagination. We both hope our readers enjoy our work. We certainly do. Feel free to take the time to introduce yourself, leave a comment, or even subscribe to get regular updates. Thanks for reading.
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