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A Day for Prayer

After watching the devastation that went through Alabama and the rest of the South last night, I don’t feel much like talking about sports. Seems pretty trivial. I will give a “thumbs up” to those in the sporting community I … Continue reading

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Wetzel: BCS Anti-trust case doesn’t even need to go to court

Dan Wetzel, author of Death to the BCS pens a new column today outlining how the Utah Attorney general’s proposed anti-trust case against the BCS might not even have to go to trial to bring down the BCS. BCS Fatigue

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Pacers Post-Season Wrap-up

It was clear after Joakim Noah wildly flailed his elbows causing Roy Hibbert to pick up a foul they weren’t going to win game 5 of their opening round playoff series against the Bulls. Derrick Rose came off the bench … Continue reading

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NCAA: Barney Fife in Al Capone’s Chicago

As established in previous posts, big-time college athletics has devolved into corruption. With billions of dollars at stake, it’s unsurprising to see avarice rear its head and get the better of honesty and principle. Charged with policing this lawless landscape … Continue reading

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NCAA corruption pervasive

As the fallout from the NCAA’s allegations against Jim Tressel continues front and center, so does the erroneous implication that somehow Tressel and Ohio State are “rogue” actors in this drama. Nothing could be further from the truth. A simple … Continue reading

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Rant of the Day: College sports is built on a foundation of muck

Yet another high-profile college athletics program is under the NCAA microscope for infractions, this time Ohio State football. This is a “big fish” for the NCAA, as Ohio State runs one of the most profitable athletic departments in the country, … Continue reading

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NCAA sends Notice of Allegations to OSU

The NCAA has officially notified Ohio State of allegations against head coach Jim Tressel. At the heart of the allegations is a charge of “ethical misconduct” on the part of Coach Tressel. The NCAA makes no charge of “lack of … Continue reading

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