Calling BS on the BCS

Dan Wetzel is on a path to a Pulitzer, and BCS executives seem to be hellbent on helping him along. Yet another BCS executive has been discovered to be skimming beaucoup Benjamins from these non-profits, this time the Fiesta Bowl. If BCS annual snafus of creating a championship on the field makes you queazy, the financial malfeasance off the field will make you want to vomit. This tangled web of businessmen, politicians, athletic directors, and university presidents is enough to make Tony Soprano blush. Check out Wetzel’s latest missive on the subject here and see the cesspool that is college football.


About Chuck Chapman

I'm a professional writer who mainly specializes in sports. I have two NFL sites that are part of the Sports Media 101 network, Bengals 101 and Colts 101. If you've found my on WordPress, then you're either reading about families and relationships on So, We're Not the Huxtables, or you've found my daughter's "Princess Kate Stories." She's an imaginative little girl who just loves to tell stories. She sees her daddy writing every day and wanted her own blog where she can share her vivid imagination. We both hope our readers enjoy our work. We certainly do. Feel free to take the time to introduce yourself, leave a comment, or even subscribe to get regular updates. Thanks for reading.
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