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And this one belongs to the Reds

Post your reactions to the Reds’ come from behind victory. Tell us how you see the 2011 season unfolding for Dusty’s boys. Advertisements

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Calling BS on the BCS

Dan Wetzel is on a path to a Pulitzer, and BCS executives seem to be hellbent on helping him along. Yet another BCS executive has been discovered to be skimming beaucoup Benjamins from these non-profits, this time the Fiesta Bowl. … Continue reading

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Who will win this year’s World Series?

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The Thrill of the Grass

Opening Day is here! No day epitomizes hope and renewal like baseball’s annual rite of Spring. After a long winter’s nap, the tarp is pulled back revealing the lush green of the infield contrasted by the rich clay of the … Continue reading

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Where have you gone, Grantland Rice?

What passes for journalism today, in particular sports journalism, is a shadow of its glorious past. Gone are the days of brilliant wordsmiths like Grantland Rice and Furman Bisher. Instead, spurred on by the demands of a 24/7 news culture, … Continue reading

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The Real John Calipari

The Man Behind the Myth If you listen to the pundits, it’s a foregone conclusion that Kentucky’s John Calipari is a “cheater” and a “scumbag.” This SI piece goes into depth about college basketball’s highest paid coach, and perhaps its … Continue reading

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The Thrill of the Chase

Quick! What image represented the “thrill of victory” on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Few of us probably recall the image of Brazil hoisting the World Cup trophy. The image of ski jumper Vinko Bogataj losing his balance, however, and … Continue reading

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